Name: Chelsea Hurlbut

Nickname: Chots

Birthdate: July 10th (also my favorite number)

Originally From: Austin, TX

Currently From: Fleming Island, FL

Occupation:  Student at the University of South Florida Seasonal dance instructor at Arts Edge School of Dance and Theater


Favorite Quote:

              “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”


Tap Dance Inspiration: Jenne Vermes because she not only is an amazing tapper herself, but also an inspiring teacher. When I met Jenne, she rekindled my love for tap!


Favorite Tap Style: I love them all!


Most memorable performance: My dance recital my senior year. It was a really bittersweet moment knowing it was my last time dancing with some of my favorite people.


Likes: Dancing (a given), listening to music, movie marathons, talking in strange voices, bloopers, vacations, spontaneous adventures, organizing things, the sound of rain and the ocean, dogs, Jenne’s cats, sleeping, eating


Dislikes: Close-minded people, people who borrow and don’t return, sore losers, bugs, movies that end bad, cliques, people who never hang up the phone, smoking, the dentist, lack of sleep or food


What I want to be as a grown up: A dance performer/choreographer/teacher


Why I am in Noise Complaint: For the awesome experience and to become the best tapper I can be!

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