Milo Christensen

Name: Milo Christensen

Nickname: Oliver Sterling

Birthdate: September 4

Originally From: Jacksonville, FL 

Currently From: St. Augustine, FL

Occupation:  Student


Member since: 2018


Favorite Quote:

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
~Walt Disney


Tap Dance Inspiration: Jenne Vermes, Gene Kelly


Favorite Tap Style: All of them!


Most memorable performance: I actually have two! Megacon 2018 and Sakuranatsu 2018. These were both pretty early in my career with Noise Complaint. I was in a good place mentally, so that mixed in with the good vibes everywhere just made for outstanding performances.


Likes: Video games, anime and manga, comics, old movies, cosplaying, tap dance, old music, voice acting, horror in any form, formal wear, Photoshop


Dislikes: Manipulative people, lying, teacher's pets, people who brag way too much, people who underestimate me, math, bugs, failure


Favorite Color: Purple 


What I want to be as a grown up: A graphic designer. Or something having to do with Photoshop. If that can't happen, my ultimate dream is to work on a video game development team.


Why I am in Noise Complaint: I'm actually a long time student of Jenne and I was a huge fan of Noise Complaint. So after about 3 years of knowing her and learning tap from her, she made me the offer of joining Noise Complaint and I accepted. :)

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