Name: Katie Kerr

Nickname: Kate, K-Twizzle, Kat

Birthdate: September 3rd

Originally From: Jacksonville, FL

Currently From: Jacksonville, FL

Occupation:  Student


Favorite Quote: "My life has changed, and I am changing with it."



Tap Dance Inspiration: Jenne Vermes, Alexis Najarro, Valerie Rockey, Gene Kelly


Favorite Tap Style: All


Most memorable performance: Noise Complaint's Lyceum performance, I was so nervous I had to take anxiety meds to calm down, but at the end when we all were doing C'mon I cried a little because I realized I was truly happy in that moment, no matter what else was going on in my life at that time.


Likes:  Noise Complaint, cats, turtles, candles, elaborate socks, headbands, rings, peaches, macaroni and cheese, Pixar movies, science documentaries, the cold, did I mention cats?, boys AND girls, football, gymnastics, baseball, P!ATD, adventure time, and cats.


Dislikes: People who are mean, the smell of wet dog, being hungry, armpit hair, orange park red lights


What I want to be as a grown up: A Marine Biologist


Why I am in Noise Complaint: Because I really love how tap makes me feel and how cool it is to perform this style of dance in front of people who have never really seen it before, especially in cosplay.

Katie 2

Katie 2

Katie 1

Katie 1


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