R.J. Brooks

Name: R.J Brooks

Nickname: Box Guy, Binkiman

Birthdate: February 4

Originally From: Jacksonville, FL

Currently From: Jacksonville, FL

Occupation:  Aspiring digital artist, Cosplayer


Member since: 2015


Favorite Quote:

"He's gonna eat my churro" - Dunkey


Tap Dance Inspiration: Everyone in Noise Complaint


Favorite Tap Style: Any style I can learn


Most memorable performance: MomoCon 2015, The premier of the Fairytail set and being able to do a tiny bit of tap and act for the first time on stage as Gajeel for an audience and a livestream.


Likes: Metal Gear Solid, Deadpool, Videogames, League of Legends, Mountain Dew, Junk food, Playstaion, PC, Art (Drawing, painting, animating, crafting), Cosplaying, Anime, Music(is life), LootCrate, Heat/Hot weather, Marvel, DC, Green Bay Packers, Drumming


Dislikes: Liars, Bullies, unmannerly people, close-minded people, pretentious people, condescending people, stupid People, people in general, vegetables, Xbox, Shorts, country music, cheaters, hunger, not having time to do things for myself


Favorite Color: Black and Red


What I want to be as a grown up: Game Designer/Freelance Designer, Tap Dancer, Cosplayer


Why I am in Noise Complaint: 1. They fed me 2. Cosplaying Tap Dancers...why would i not 3. They took me in...trained me...and made me one of their own

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