Andrea Toledo

Name: Andrea Toledo

Nickname: Panda

Birthdate: July 31

Originally From: Jacksonville, FL

Currently From: Jacksonville, FL

Occupation:  Chemist


Member since: October 2014


Favorite Quote:

“A life without risk is a life unlived, my friend.” – Kendall Knight


Tap Dance Inspiration: Gene Kelly


Favorite Tap Style: A Capella


Most memorable performance: 2002 – Performing on the sidelines during a Jacksonville Jaguars home game as a member of the Jr. Professional Roar.


Likes: Dancing, Reading, Crafting, Listening to music, Going to concerts, Seafood, Ice Cream, Dresses, PANDAS, Poorly loud singing alone in the car, Road trips, Doing nothing for a weekend, Candy, Jacksonville Jaguars


Dislikes: Rudeness, Makeup, Vegetables, New England Patriots, Lack of work ethic, Inability to listen with an open mind, Horror films, Free fall


What I want to be as a grown up: Before college: Performer… After college: Scientist… Mission accomplished, I guess!


Why I am in Noise Complaint: I’ve always loved tap, but after graduating from my old studio I was unable to find a group of people who loved tap as much as I did. Noise Complaint has filled that void and I just love being around people who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

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