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Noise Complaint is a professional Tap Dance Theatre company!


Noise Complaint presents a unique performance show that combines choreographed tap dance with improv acting and elaborate costuming to bring the audience into a rhythmic storytelling experience. We put together full-length concerts of tap dances that are all woven together through storytelling by famed and infamous characters from all corners of pop culture. Each show we perform is a unique and exciting experience the audience will not soon forget!


There truly is no way to describe the experience of a Noise Complaint show, but the following adjectives may apply:​​


  Loud    |     Rhythmic     |     Exciting     |     Musical​     |     Nerdy​     |     Epic     |     

​           Fun     |     ​Memorable​     |     Infectious     |     Strange (in a good way!)


...and most importantly:    TAP​!!


**Technically, "tap" isn't an adjective by any standard dictionary. However, with Noise Complaint, "TAP" is a noun, a verb, an adjective and a way of life.


 We are based out of Jackaonville, FL, and we are available to perform anywhere in the world. If you're interested in having your minds blown with some crazy rhythms and entertaining stories, then contact us to book a show!

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