Henry Steiner

Name: Henry Steiner

Nickname: Hen, Stonecutter depending on which circle I’m in.

Birthdate: 1/28/89

Originally From: Vidalia, LA (Technically Natchez, MS only because the hospital is across the river)

Currently From: Jacksonville, FL

Occupation: Lunch Dude, Character Entertainer, Cosplayer


Member since: 2017


Favorite Quote: “Early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy but socially dead.” - Yakko Warner


Tap Dance Inspiration: Honestly all in Noise Complaint as unoriginal as that sounds.


Favorite Tap Style: I’m still working the learning curve so when I find it, i’ll let you know.


Most memorable performance: During our Space Set performance at The Mosh, I tapped to Spock’s part of Star Trek Rhapsody as my favorite Star Trek character, Data, and held the tempo... with android precision.


Likes: Cats, mashed potatoes, key lime pie, star trek, superheroes, anime, hugs, cons, cosplay, chocolate, and humor.


Dislikes: Liars, compassionless people, (especially toward animals) gross irresponsiblility, (especially when its avoidable) bullies, cognitive dissonance, closed mindedness, squash, liver, and people who pick Hanzo when we need a healer or a tank.


What I want to be as a grown up: Voice actor


Why I am in Noise Complaint: I have always wanted to tap ever since childhood, but I never knew the right people until I met, and befriend the lot of dancers in Noise Complaint. What got me in was one rainy Sunday afternoon beginner’s tap class.

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