Jenne Vermes is the founder, choreographer and principal dancer for Noise Complaint. ​


Name: Jenne Vermes

Nickname: Captain Jenneway

Birthdate: June 1st

Originally From: Coral Springs, FL

Currently From: Fleming Island, FL

Occupation: :::clears throat::: ALL of the following:

  1. Director, choreographer and principal dancer for Noise Complaint.

  2. Professor of Tap Dance at Florida School of the Arts

  3. Director and choreographer for Rhythm Theory Tap Ensemble

  4. Tap instructor for Arts Edge school of Theatre and Dance

  5. Tap and Contemporary dance Instructor for Abella's School of Dance/St. Augustine Ballet

  6. Staff Writer for World of Dance Magazine

  7. Music, IT and Math teacher for Duval Virtual Instruction Academy

  8. Tap instructor for Dynamics Dance

  9. Author and audiobook voice artist

  10. Musician (Drums, vocals


Member since: Since Noise Complaint was just a blip of a thought in my Day Zero?

Favorite Quote:

"Living is a creative act."



Tap Dance Inspiration: Tap Dogs, Stomp


Favorite Tap Style: Rhythmic, Complex, Contrapuntal


Most memorable performance: Any performance where I could look out from the stage and see my mom, my dad and/or my brother in the audience. <3


Likes: Tap dancing (duh), DRUMMING, Star Trek, Ultron, Singing, Other styles of dance (Ballet, Contemporary, and Modern are close favorites), The Oxford Comma, Screwdrivers (the tool), working out, Volkswagens, leotards, Final Fantasy XI, CARBS, Vegetables, Avengers, Editing Music, Choreography, Gaff Tape, Anime, Cats, Nice wood floors, Veganism, Les Mills workouts, Precor ellipticals, Boots, Chinese food, Dance Dance Revolution, Sega Genesis, Japanese food, Tofu, Fresh fruit, Writing


Dislikes: Being used, Bragging, Ketchup, Violence, Meat, Mayonnaise, Lipstick, Dora The Explorer, Internet Explorer, Staying up late, Liars, Driving, Frogs, Insects, Unsolicited diet advice, Sharks, Lack of internet, Sleeping on hard floors, Doing dishes, Lack of respect


Favorite Color: Tremendously Bright Orange (Safety Orange)


What I want to be as a grown up:  A tap dancer (duh), a drummer, a successful author, an inspiring teacher, a good role model and in another life: a singer. 


Why I am in Noise Complaint: Because I want to share my passion for tap dancing with as many people as possible. Tap dancing is awesome and fun the way we do it, and I want the world to share in it!

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