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Sean Mansfield

Name: Sean Mansfield

Nickname: Chief Running Mouth

Birthdate: August 31

Originally From: Columbus, OH

Currently From: Fleming Island, FL

Occupation:  Photographer, Videographer, Part-Time YouTube Personality, Art Student


Member since: Photographer/Videographer since January 2015, Dancer since 2017

Favorite Quote: 


"Everything you can imagine is real" ~ Pablo Picasso.


"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." ~Edgar Degas


Tap Dance Inspiration: Cop Out answer... Jenne. She showed me how fun it could be and that I could still learn it. But I always loved watching tap, watched a lot of Savion Glover and Fred Astaire. But I got a big push from Dule Hill, when I tweeted and asked him if I should tap dance and he told me to go for it.


Favorite Tap Style: Rhythmic and Hoofing


Most memorable performance: Honestly, it would have to be my first time actually dancing on stage. 10/24/2016... I got to play Freddy for the FNAF set. I did the last section of Nightmare and I didn't fall! This was such a thrill. Especially since I had basically three lessons total under my belt.


Likes: Any form of art, pizza, Batman, Deadpool, TMNT, Unicorns, Gir, video games, movies, survival, camping, pizza rolls, peanut butter, dancing, photography, and videography


Dislikes: Soggy broccoli, crappy drivers, fake people, liars, algebra, and unmotivated people.


What I want to be as a grown up: Batman, if I can't be that... Then I would like to be an artist.


Why I am in Noise Complaint: Because one day Jenne messaged me after she saw my post about being a videographer, and I kept sliding my way into cons with them, and I made the mistake of letting Jenne know that I love to dance. :)

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